What can I expect at an Al-Anon meeting?
Sharing in Al Anon/Alateen Meetings

Tradition One

Our common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity.

In group meetings, we share our own experience, strength, and hope, keeping the focus on ourselves and how the Al Anon/Alateen program has helped us change our attitudes and actions. Our discussions center on solutions for our own difficulties. We try not to tell other people’s stories or repeat what we see or hear, always protecting one another’s anonymity and the anonymity of Al Anon, Alateen, and A.A. members, as well. We concentrate on our own feelings and attitudes, rather than on the details of our situation. Members leave other affiliations (such as other Twelve Step programs or professional resources) outside our meeting rooms. It is suggested that Al Anon/Alateen members avoid discussion of specific religious beliefs or ideas, criticism of one another or the alcoholic, gossip, or revealing intimate details of their problems. More detailed discussion may take place between meetings in private conversations with another member, or a personal Sponsor. (See “Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon” and “Sponsorship” in the Al Anon/ Alateen Service Manual [P-24/27].)
We are Powerless Over the Problem of Alcoholism.
When we can honestly accept this truth, it brings us a feeling of release and hope. We can now turn our full attention to bringing our own lives into order. We can go forward to spiritual growth, to the comfort and peace to be gained from the entire program.
We Can Turn Our Lives Over to a Power Greater Than Ourselves.
Now that our well-meant aid to the alcoholic has ended in failure, and our own lives have become unmanageable, we realize we cannot deal with our problem objectively, perhaps not even sanely. In Al-Anon, we find a Power greater than ourselves, which can direct our lives into quiet, useful channels. At first, this power may seem to be the group, but as we grow in knowledge and spiritual understanding, many of us call it God, as we understand Him.
We Need to Change Both Our Attitude and Our Actions. As we become willing to admit our defects, we begin to see how much of our thinking is distorted. We realize how unwise some of our actions have been, how unloving many of our attitudes. We try to recognize and correct these faults.
We Keep Al-Anon's Gifts by Sharing Them with Others. This sharing makes Al-anon the vital, forward-reaching fellowship it is. Our great obligation is to those still in need. Leading another person from despair to hope and love brings comfort to both the giver and receiver.




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